My name is N. Karon Tripp and I create unique, colorful, acrylic paintings grounded in nature. My work is inspired by the intricacies and majesty of the natural world. I deeply believe art should be life affirming, beautiful, and uplifting.  

I create acrylic paintings inspired by the intricacies and majesty of nature.

I feel called to create a safe space within my paintings where people in transition can spend some time in stillness and provide a space that allows their new world can begin to evolve.

Throughout the centuries nature has been a source of inspiration from the smallest insect teaching us lessons of perseverance to grand vistas putting the small scale of our problems into perspective.

Becoming an artist wasn’t a decision it is who I’ve always been. I was raised by creative but very practical parents who encouraged the artistic but only as a hobby. Art was not considered career material. So, I got those practical jobs but lived a couple of blocks from the art college, and always found ways to make the creative aspects of those traditional occupations my own; creating displays when working retail, illustrating the wine list in a restaurant, etc. I would then draw and paint as a hobby. This still didn’t appease the hunger within. I’ve reached a time in my life where it is now or never so I have jumped in with both feet to pursue art as my livelihood.

You can also find me on Facebook at Karon Tripp Fine Art.